Another round of tiny colors studies!! Really into candy-colored things lately aaaah (⊙△⊙✿)


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Giant horse-dragon debuts in France

What do you call a horse with a dragon’s head?

A French artist combined the two and created a giant horse-dragon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and France.

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Is this game even real?

Legendary weapon names in Destiny :I

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Destiny//Exotic Weapons

Thorn!! I’m at part three for it’s quest. I didn’t even know I was picking a hand cannon when the bounties popped up. I got lucky since I love using those. I’d have been happy with any of them as long as it wasn’t a shotgun, pulse or scout rifle.

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Any Tumblr friends playing Destiny?

I’m on PS4, but you can still interact with anyone else via - I can still friend you on XBL as well as PSN


The Little Rascals Have Recreated Their Classic Movie Cover Twenty Years Later

Just as a reminder, here’s all The Little Rascals Then and Now

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Why does she do this? For reference, if you ever use our guest bathroom, the toilet paper is under the sink.

Taking pics before she grows out of it.